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There are now over 4000 hacks every single day using ransomware alone. It’s extremely misguided for anyone to think their company couldn’t be affected.

Source:, 2016

CryptaWeb was founded in 2009. Since our establishment, "success" has always been the value we work by and strive to provide to our clients. Our founder, Ianne Yarry-Landicho, has an MS in Technology Management from Columbia University, a BE in Computer Engineering, and over 13 years of experience in IT and Security Management in the healthcare industry in companies both large and small.

At CryptaWeb, we provide you with a top-notch service that will help promote your business online and perform critical security scans to make sure your website stays safe and secure. We are equipped with tools and skills to protect your website from any vulnerability attacks that can take down your online business from ransomware, DDOS attacks, SQL-injection attacks.

While there are many web designers out there,
none of them do what we do!

We provide services that are typically outside the scope of building a website, and we prioritize privacy and security. We treat every website as if it were our own, and our developers will keep you updated and stay in contact with you so you can remain as involved or not in the process as you would like.

We Know How Intimidating Building a Website Can Be

If you are going to spend money to build your online presence, we recommend to also invest in protecting your website from cyber attacks. The good news is, at CryptaWeb, we build all our websites with security in mind.

We are techies who found our niche in healthcare. Our developers are web technology savvy, up-to-date in health industry regulations that you and your business must comply with. We have training in HIPAA, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance, and NIST Framework.

Web design and development is important and your prospective clients cannot appreciate the beauty of your website if your site is down. We know how much one day of a downed site can impact your revenue and reputation. There are companies out there who claims they provide security and design, but ask them what they would do to secure your site and most will just sell you a feature and not an actual specialized skills that they provide. At CryptaWeb, you get skillset specialization in both web development and cybersecurity.

We Build And Secure Sites

Be Involved

We will include you every step of the way

Reliable Developers

We are web and healthcare savvy

A+ Customer Support

We respond to questions within 24 hours

Secure Website

Protect your website from getting hacked

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