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At CryptaWeb, we help businesses defend against cyber threats, scams, and potential harms that cyber criminals can do to you and your customers. No matter the size of the business, your business is vulnerable if you do not take the steps to mitigate your risks.
In 2019, there is 424% increase surge in data breaches caused by hackers targeting small businesses.
Don’t get scam by scammers who pretend to be security experts. Most only do passive cybersecurity protection, which means they perform minimal maintenance and install the necessary security patches in your hosting. A passive protection is not necessarily active in securing your information. At Cryptaweb, we can help your business mitigate risks by taking a proactive approach in cyber threat prevention. We put safeguards in place so we can monitor your risks before it happens, and implement countermeasures so you and us can react right away, in case of any data breach of your system.


Don’t wait until it’s too late!


41% of businesses last year have been hit by at least $50,000 to recover from data breach.. We offer you protection and knowledge that can help your business stay vigilant of any cyber threats coming your way. At Cryptaweb, we have staff that are trained security experts. All our staff are cross-trained and required to take certification in cybersecurity.

Malware & Hack Protection

We put your hosting behind a firewall that can be monitored on a regular basis.

Website Upgrade

We can update your site so you stay current with any security patches or upgrades on your website.

Security Monitoring

Our systems can detect any attempts to hack your hosting or website.

Security Awareness Training

We can train you and your staff on cybersecurity threat prevention so your business can remain aware of any threats.

Website Scan & Report

We scan your website for any vulnerabilities and provide you a detailed report.

Security Support

If you run into any phishing, scams, or ransomware, we can advise you on steps you can take.

We Provide Free Consultation